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Female Investor Magazine

Female Investor Magazine is the number one source for female investors. We believe in Equal
Opportunity Entrepreneurship and helping Women

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Who We Are

Female Investor Magazine is the number one source for female investors. Each day, you’ll get inspired by stories of women just like you who have demanded more from their money and taken action. We’ll also answer your financial questions and show you how to put your money to work and help you reach your goals.

How We Work

Female investors don’t lose their cool, know when to cut their losses and build their portfolio for the long game. It is important that women understand how to invest money and wealth. Wealth is power, wealth is choice and wealth is freedom. Read our magazine to know how women’s confidence and willingness to invest will impact the world.

Angel investing has not only become trendy and highly profitable, it has emerged into being a powerful source of fuel for the national economy, jobs and new innovation. For entrepreneurs, angels have become a primary source of funding and for many startups, a vital part of their existence.

Our Mission

To create a world where 50% of capital is invested
amongst female funders and founders.To create a world where 50% of capital is invested amongst female funders and founders.


Help teach women to become angel investors and provide better access to deal flow.


Connect women-owned startups with a network of early-stage investors.


Connect female entrepreneurs and angel investors with each other.

Who Should Join

If you are an accredited angel investor or VC (male or female), join the network to nominate, and get access to, early-stage funding rounds by women-led companies.

And also if you’d like to learn about angel investing and being prepared to write your first check, sign up for our mailing list to learn about educational events, dinners, resources, and more.

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How We Will help you

You don’t have to be well known woman to make money, you need to get started and build momentum now instead. We have experts in there related fields of expertise. We give contributors the opportunity to become a global leader in there field.

We cover most important topics such as female investors, angel investing, real estate investing, private equity firms, family offices and much more. You will find all answers here.

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