Data Center Inc.(DCI) Names Sarah Fankhauser as First Female President.

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Data Center Inc DCI, the developers of iCore360® core banking software and related digital technologies for community financial institutions nationwide Announced, the election of Sarah Fankhauser as President and COO.

Making this the first female president the company has had in its 57-year history.

Fankhauser’s appointment was announced during the company’s annual shareholders meeting, in a unanimous vote by the board of directors. The board also announced that the current president and CEO John H. will remain as CEO until his pending retirement in 2021, where Fankhauser will also be name CEO, making her the first female CEO too.

Beginning her career after graduating from Friends University in Wichita, KS, as a teller at a large DCI client bank where she eventually worked her way t Branch Operations Officer. Later joining DCI in 1993 as Analyst/Instructor teaching other DCI clients how to use the company’s core processing system.

In a series of promotion between 1995 and 2004, Fankhauser quickly rose through the ranks at DCI. Reaching the position of Senior Vice President, heading the customer support and product development divisions.

During a reorganization in 2009, she was promoted to Executive Vice President under Jones and later named Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

Said Fankhauser, “My career started in customer service, so providing the best customer experience has always been my priority, and will be as DCI president. I’m excited about the modern digital future we are building, and I will ensure its delivered with the highly personal service our family of community bankers deserves and has come to expect from DCI.”

Her promotion also triggered several other senior management promotions at the company, specifically the promotions of Dennis Queal to Executive Vice President/CFO; Susan Flores to Senior Vice President of Customer Support; Tanna Faulkner to Senior Vice President of Sales and Digital Communications; Paul Jones to Vice President of Customer and Professional Services; and Arlene Fairbanks to Customer Support Officer.

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