Female Investors and their Unique Experiences in Investing

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Mungang Cynthia Nnam
Mungang Cynthia is a Geology teacher who finds writing about recent events around the world a bit more exciting than teaching. At female investor magazine, she writes news articles about recent related events around the world.

Many people envision men in costly suits looking at glittering screens whenever they think of investment. But the reverse is true. Most investors are simple people who desire to set their cash to work. Even though most of such persons are men, we can equally identify women who desire to increase their financial future. In this article, we will examine some successful women in the entrepreneurial industries and the unique experiences you can learn from.

CIO & COO- Michelle Pearce-Burke,

‘I have always been passionate about investing. I purchased my very first share when I was eleven years old, a small stake in a biotech company-unfortunately, it failed. From then, I realized that it’s a better idea to extend your cash across several investments and districts. I equally learned that one doesn’t invest to get rich overnight. Investors must approach investing with a long-term vision.
Investing today wouldn’t make you wealthy overnight but staying focused on your objective and sticking with your investment for some years would help you build a fortune in the long run.
Also, it is a common error to think that you require a huge sum of money to be able to invest. You may invest as little as you desire with robo-investing programs. For example, you can decide to invest a little amount monthly in a system known as the drip-feeding approach.
I expect more females to invest because investing does not only give your money- the possibility to increase but it particularly feels incredible to be an investor.’

Sally Allan, Leading Marketing Captain

‘My initial involvement in investing should have been when I was just 10years old when my big brother was trading five and ten years of investment policies as a side gig. He was never a good salesman and my mother often felt pity for him, so she began one and funded it monthly. Amazingly, it did so well at the end of the term, so much so that it paid for our family vacation. At that time, she had the bug for observing her cash stored up, so this pushed her to begin exploiting TESSAs, before the PEPs and ISAs. Presently, she’s a retiree but still quite sharp when it comes to her investments.
In recollection, she was an amazing role model for me and my sibling. She often wrote a few wish lists on slopes of envelopes of stuff she desired, like to beautify our bedrooms, buy school needs for back to school and so on….she was great at budgeting. I owe her a debt of gratitude for being financially poised and understanding when to splurge and when to save.
I just wish I had mastery on investment risk better in my twenties as I should have possibly invested more/taken more risk. In those days, the best I desired to do was acquire much on investing’ but I’m quite pleased with how my plans are performing. My mother is very much pleased with me.’

Consumer Experience Manager-Emily St Quentin,

“I am fairly new to investing, I would often save in ISAs before, but sincerely I initially believed that putting my cash into stocks and shares was too complex and too risky. The very first time I invested, I employed an independent Financial adviser of course at a very high cost. I didn’t understand the effect of charges on the long term value of my cash and assumed that by paying more, I’ll achieve higher yields. It’s quite unfortunate that there exist no warranties in investing, and as my pot progressively lost money in the first year, it seemed like I had made a terrible error. I then swapped and was paying lesser fees. It never took time to observe the positive impact of such a move as my pot began rising again! I’m considering starting up an extra pot where I choose my own funds. I would principally like to invest ethically so I am searching for the available. I am not yet an expert, but I am up-to-date about where my funds are invested, and even much more comfortable because I control my own financial circumstances.
In retrospection, I wish I had begun learning about investing beforehand so I could have engaged my financial future a little earlier. But it’s never late to begin and you mustn’t be a financial expert to invest. There are lots of opportunities that can help you take that step, irrespective of your experience.
I would urge anyone to take out time to really think about what their goals are as this is the most crucial trait that determines whether to save or invest. Once you understand your objectives, you can begin making a design that’ll aid you to obtain your goals.”

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