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Investor’s Pitch Deck Services

Investor’s Pitch Deck Services

Investor’s Pitch Deck Services

How We Work

We’ve observed that 92% of all presentations consist of power-point presentations that have been taken off the internet. In addition to this, 47% of the themes are generally repetitive and have been used extensively in the past. Keeping these statistics in mind, we at Female Angel Investor, make sure that our presentations are 100% unique and specially created to enhance audience engagement while giving you an edge over your competitors. Our slides are created on professional software systems like Illustrator and Photoshop to meet your requirements.

Why You Need a Pitch Deck

Your deck is messy and needs to be cleaned up so you look professional

Strong Financial Model

Written By Investors For Investors


 Presentation Re-Design

Our team will reconceptualize your already existing presentation to a clean and professional design with your end purpose in mind


Content Development

Over the years, we have created various scripts for clients’ pitch deck from across different industries. We will give you industry-specific content for your core audience

Financial Modeling

We understand that investors do not want to hear numbers only. They want to know how you got there! Let us help you to build a usable financial forecast today



We are big on graphics. Let the experts turn those long texts into an image that will easily and seamlessly tell the story with custom made mockups, icons, charts and graphs

Investment Teaser

Not every investor want to go into the nitty-gritty at your first meeting. A “one-pager” says it all. Smartly place all your ideas together on a single A4 sheet

Market Research

Every entrepreneur must understand their industry numbers. Our experts will help you make the necessary research to captivate your investors and help you to better understand your market

Investor’s Pitch Deck Services


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