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New Book Offers Hands-on Guidance to Female Investors at Early Stage of Investing

New Book Offers Hands-on Guidance to Female Investors at Early Stage of Investing


Los Angeles, May 20, 2020. Author Rose Vitale reveals the secret to a successful business journey as a female investor in her E-book dubbed ‘Science of Becoming a Female Investor‘. Rose in her new release provides insightful strategies geared towards bridging the gap between women and investing, by helping women to become successful entrepreneurs and investors.  

With a brilliant blend of words and a view that moves swiftly, readers will be engrossed while they absorb Rose Vitale’s new and profound knowledge. This enlivening read will lead readers on a tour from starting an investment, to mellowness as well as through returns found in investing in female-owned businesses, with a hefty dose of rich ideas along the way.

Rose Vitale maintains that despite the great impacts women have made in the world of business for several decades now, the world of finance is still male-dominated especially a level of investing. She understands the plight faced by women in business, especially when it comes to investment funds and strives towards empowering them.

 ‘I want to empower women investors to make smarter investment decisions and invest in women-owned businesses, which historically receive significantly less funding than male-owned businesses, yet perform better and yield higher returns’. Rose Vitale writes.   

If you desire to grow your own wealth by investing in private businesses or wonder what it takes to become a thriving investor. Then, you don’t want to miss this book, read it to understand the underlying principles of starting and growing your investments from scratch to maturity. Read to appreciate the value that comes with investing in female-owned businesses.

This E-book will be available at Amazon on May 25, 2020, or on https://femaleangelinvestor.com/get-my-book all you need do is sign up as become a member.



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About the author Rose

Rose Vitale is a mentor and female angel investor with over 15 years of experience. She is the founder of several high profile corporations as a successful entrepreneur and supporter of female-owned businesses. Rose is an expert in building and maintaining private businesses where she uses efficient management tactics to ensure a high-quality standard for all her businesses and investments. Amazingly, She is very delighted to share these business services and resources with anyone interested in becoming a female investor.


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