Wireless Management Group Unlocks the Secret to A Successful Takeover



WMG Unlocks the Secret to A Successful Takeover
Wireless Management Group unveils its secret weapon in their takeover of the mobile communications market.

***Sacramento, CA*** – April 8th, 2020 – Wireless Management Group (WMG) is taking over the mobile communications industry and has no problem with giving away the secret to its success.  The mobile phone retailer plans to add an additional 300 retail stores in the U.S. with its knowledge and experience that is only ascertained through the experiences of spending over a decade in the retail cell phone and mobile communications industries.

The company’s top management revealed that it is actually only extending to U.S. consumers what has been available elsewhere in the world for years: unlocked cell phones with lower monthly service rates.  The consistency in of success in European and other markets have all proven to offer both financially stable as well as exceptionally lucrative benefits to a company with the first mover advantage.  By simply exploiting the market opportunity of “unlocked” cell phones, WMG is on track to continue its positions as a leader as well as innovator.

With the growing popularity of prepaid mobile communication services, WMG is bringing affordable wireless service to the masses. With an unlocked phone, you are finally able to keep using your favorite models and brands of phones, even if you leave one service provider for another.  WMG made the public aware of the advantages of unlocked phones, and it’s clearly the next revolutionizing move in its plan to take over the industry.

With over 30 years of combined professional experience in the prepaid wireless industry, WMG has a world-class management team.  This is another factor they have in their arsenal as the company continues on to the next level.  The top executives at WMG also cited the company’s incorporating drive, passion, professionalism, street smarts and expertise as their unique tactics they rely on every day as they keep moving towards their ultimate goal as the new industry leader. WMG also boasts aggressive, targeted marketing campaigns, exclusive POS systems and powerful development strategies, which are all playing a definite role in the mix.

WMG is an organization that operates prepaid brand subsidiaries, including Cricket, Hola Wireless, MetroPCS and Wireless Connection. Its business model has been highly profitable, leading it to its current goal of expanding by over 300 retail stores to become the number one prepaid wireless dealer in America. Aside from operating its own stores, WMG also takes over existing wireless stores that are not performing well, transforming them into profitable businesses for themselves and others.

Contact: Wireless Management Group, Inc.
3308 El Camino Ave.; Suite 300-248,
Sacramento, CA 95821
by phone @ 844-777-3724


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